Framing Your Business As The Answer To The Questions Asked In Search Engines

SEO Relevancy

Websites are critical for the success of a company.

It is a company’s online extension and the face that is shown to everyone. A business should be easy to find and its products accessible. How do you get people to come to you in order to get what you are offering? Are you the answer to the question?

Search engines look for the best answer to the question that is being asked of them. When you have a question, you go to one of the two big G’s – God or Google – and when you go to Google, you will get an answer. If you’re asking a question on a search engine and you get answers that you don’t like, as a human, you are going to assume you’re asking the wrong question. The most relevant results from a search are the search engine’s top 10 answers to the question that you asked, so you may assume you asked the wrong question. You will end up changing your search query believing that you were wrong, not that the answers are wrong.

Business To Human

B2B or B2C — how about B2H, ‘business to human?’ Whether they are at their desk or on their couch, they are humans first. People are asking questions, researching and trying to find solutions to their curiosity or their problems. What actor was in this film, what is the name of the song with this line, how do I get my drain to unclog, how do I work QuickBooks?

As a business, you need to be the best answer to the question that will drive the right people to you. As you think about the people you want to be talking to, you want to ask yourself “What questions are they asking the search engines that I could be the answer for?” or “What is a question that I can answer because I can help them with that problem?” As you work on your website, work on becoming the answer to those questions so that when Google is asked that question, they look at your page and think it’s a great answer. Organic results earn trust and the authority to answer the questions that people are asking.

Focus on how many different ways this question is being asked, as well as the different types of results that are coming up in the results page where you could potentially be found. Are there images? Are there videos? What different types of results are coming up, and can you answer that question and become one of those results? When answering the question on your site, you want to make sure you have enough information to be a great answer, but not too much that the person doesn’t need you. At the end of the information you provide, you want the person to think “These guys know what they’re doing, I want to talk to them about this and get their help.” Then your website needs to give them an easy way to contact you, like a form, a phone number, a “join our newsletter” option — there should be multiple ways to reach out.

Finding Relevancy Among Other Websites

Once your website is a great answer to the question, how do you beat the websites that already show up on the first page of the results? Once you have the answer and the information, you now have to earn the spot by getting your domain’s trust and authority higher. Earning the trust of search engines isn’t easy or fast, and it shouldn’t be. Earning trust takes time, votes of confidence or both.

If you don’t have time, then you need other sites to show that you are a great answer to the question by linking to you as the answer when they are talking about that subject. Not all websites are trusted the same, just like not every person is trusted the same. In a high school setting, if the traditionally popular groups such as the football team or cheerleaders talk about you, that is likely more trusted than the word of the debate club or a dropout. When you talk about popularity in high school, the popularity of the person mentioning you matters. This same logic applies to the links you are building to your site. Trust matters!

There is a multitude of attitudes and strategies to boost your company’s relevancy online. Starting with a simple framework — “Is my business the answer to the question?” — can help you build a path to increased presence online for your business.

Source: Chris Siebeneck , Dec 6, 2021

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