SEO Roadmap

Meta-Tag SEO Optimization | Planned Road Map

Our strategic objective is to leverage the unique capabilities of our platform, designed to dynamically optimize webpages and SEO tasks automatically, with minimal manual human overhead.

What makes us unique is our focus on delivering solutions that actually do the optimization work, and not only give suggestions… as good as they may be, they still require manual work to implement.

This not only makes the process faster and more cost-effective but also ensures we stay ahead in terms of technology and efficiency. Additionally, we are making significant investments in listening to our customers and enhancing our system’s functions, APIs to allow for better usability, platform support, languages, reporting coverage… maximizing benefits and usage potential for a wider range of websites, agencies, and SEO professionals worldwide.

In addition, our continued investment and implementation of AI and Machine Learning technology will allow us to better deliver unique, effective, and intelligent solutions for a greater variety of websites, content and changes in search engine algorithms, adjusting meta-tags based on the actual performance of the website.

We are also planning to enhance our range of on-page elements that will be optimized, in addition to meta-tags, to include elements, such as Headers, H1/2 etc.. , to allow more robust optimization effectiveness. All these enhancements will be automatically included in our Meta-Tags optimization plans,  and will become available as they are released.

This approach will ensure our long-term ability to deliver functional and effective products to our customers since it translates into long term value.

Looking ahead, we are investing significant resources in new innovative high-impact products that will complement and work in tandem with our current meta-tags optimization product. These developments includes a unique internal link-building product, that will automatically create intelligent links between the relevant keywords that appear on the website linking to the most relevant web page, enhancing keywords’ power, search engine crawling, and discovery of relevant pages.

Meta Tag Optimization Enhancement

We plan to continue developing our state-of-the-art AI technologies to enhance our ability to analyze and optimize meta tags more effectively. This development will facilitate a deeper understanding of content relevance and search engine algorithms

Adaptive Algorithms Enhancement

We plan to introduce new enhancements and functionality to our adaptive Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. To better  adjust meta-tags in response to search engine algorithm changes and website’s actual performance.

Enhancement Web and CMS platforms

Planned support for CSR (Client-Side Rendering) Websites using using JavaScript to render content in the browser

Enhancement of Language Optimization Modules

Building on our primary English language modules, we plan to expand our support to additional languages, including those using both Left-to-Right (LTR) and Right-to-Left (RTL) scripts. This expansion will ensure more accurate and effective meta tag optimization for a diverse range of linguistic content

Keyword Suggestions API Connection

We aim to improve the automatic identification of potential keywords that can be effectively promoted, based on existing content and search engine indicators. This enhancement will include API integration with tools such as Google Keyword Planner

Introducing New Products

We are in the process of developing additional High-Impact state-of-the-art product categories related to enhancing overall website search optimization performance. 

The major planned product release, estimated to be available in Q4 2024, is a robust internal linking system. This will be an add-on that utilizes the same architecture and keywords in the system to generate effective internal links, further boosting page, topic, and keyword ranking authority.