On Page Search SEO for Web Searching Optimization

On page search SEO is the process of Web SEO Optimization of website pages code to enable search engines to rank the website higher in the search results.

Web SEO Optimization includes multiple elements. One of the most important elements to SEO Optimize are webpage meta-tags:  including page title, meta description, meta data, Image ALTS and internal linking anchor tites: to include the most relevant and optimal keywords search terms.

The title tag is the title of the webpage that appears in the search results, and the meta tags are the brief descriptions that appear under the title. Both the title and meta tags should include relevant and optimal keyword offering a unique description of the webpage content.

Search engines optimization (SEO) relay on this meta tags to better understand the page content, and they tend to increase the SERP ranking positions of pages that contain this information, when it exists, and is relevant to the page content.

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