SEO Meta Tags

What are SEO Meta Tags ? why you should optimize them!

If your not sure what are your SEO Meta Tags, and why you should optimize every single page of your website, then watch this short explainer!

Meta-tags are words and sentences hidden in your webpage code They are used by search engines, to better understand the webpage content, and to determine ranking positions, in search results!

Your Meta tags, effect how Search Engines generate and display your Search Snippet Views Optimizing your meta tags, effectively tell search engines, what your web page content is about By adding relevant Keyword Search terms, such as Laptop Deals, to your specific webpage code meta tags… such as: titles, descriptions, image alts and link anchor text… You effectively cause search engines, to rank this Keyword search query higher! Meta tags optimization, has a direct effect on improving your search results positions, for the optimized Keyword search term Any Missing, Duplicates, Non Unique, and none optimized meta tags, causes search engines to independently determine, the content of your search snippet, which very often, do not include, your optimal and relevant Keyword search terms, for the specific page.