Google Helpful Content Update HCU algorithm updates for SEO and content marketing beyond 2022

Googles algorithm update

Google is releasing algorithm updates focusing on the user (human) search experience and the site experience.

These changes include core algorithmic changes and adding new features. Some of the changes include new ranking signals to avoid low quality content for SERP (Search Engine ranking Page) to better understand users behaviour. Additional changes include: core web vitals, page speed , product reviews.

The main change relates to Google’s helpful content update HCU, which focuses on content for humans, rather than over optimizing content and not giving users useful information they are searching for.

This means that in order to keep up with Google algorithm updates now and beyond 2022, to maintain and/or increase your SERP rankings, you will need to provide content that resonates, engages and converts searchers.

More original, helpful content written by people, for people.

If you want to stay ahead, its best to focus on relevant content and optimizing for the user experience, and not on the algorithms.

Your content needs to be for a specific audience, feature your expertise , be trustworthy & credible and meet what your searchers want or need.

NytroSEO supports Google’s latest Helpful Content Update HCU. Using advanced algorithms and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, NytroSEO ¬†customizes your website metadata to correlate with your webpage content, and your specific audience whilst highlighting your relevant expertise/benefits. The generated metadata (Title, Descriptions, Image Alts etc…)¬† integrates the most suitable search terms for each specific page. This¬† results in high correlation between the search results snippet that the users see/presses, and the page content that is displayed to the user… This significantly increases users satisfaction with the search results (user search intent) and reduces bounce rate.





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