Google Looked Into An Eco-Friendly Search Ranking Boost

Google’s John Mueller said that the search company did look into what it could do to incentivize sites to be more eco-friendly. He said they looked into a ranking boost of some sorts for sites that are friendly to the environment but it was tricky, he added.

He said this on Twitter when asked “If Google started boosting companies that are kinder on the environment in the search results, that’d be an impactful Google Algorithm update wouldn’t it? Any chance of that happening?” John replied “We have looked at some of the options there, I think it would be pretty neat. However, it’s “tricky”, yes. What would you use for metrics?”

Here are those tweets:

Google has made a bunch of changes to search last October in general to promote sustainability but a ranking boost was not one of them.

Do you want to see a ranking boost for your site or company being eco-friendly? How would you see this working? How would Google measure this?

Source: , March 22, 2022

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