NytroSEO JS (Script) Snippet Installation in webpage header code. SEO Automation

SEO JS Snippet

Adding your JS Optimization Snippet to your website. SEO Automation

The NytroSEO JS (Script) Optimization Snippet allows for the automatic SEO optimization of your webpage code. You will need to copy and paste the JS into the <HEAD> of your website.

JS Snippet Setup Guide. SEO Automation

Add your website

Firstly, you will need to add a website to your account on system.nytroseo.com . After the Website is added successfully, the JS code is generated automatically and the indication Icon turns green. You can access it via the Website/Manage menu.

Add website JS Snippet

View your JS snippet code.

Pressing the green JS code icon, will display the JS Optimization Snippet code. It can be copied easily.

Copy your JS (Script) snippet code and paste it into your website HEAD <head>

See below

Verify the Installation

Press the Button to check if the JS snippet is installed correctly on your website.

Green notice: indicates that the Snippet is installed correctly and is operational.

Read notice: Indicates that the JS Snippet was not identified on your website.

In cases where you have added the JS Snippet to the website HEAD, and it is still not being identified,  it is recommended to clear the Cache of the CMS and try the Verification again.


How to add your JS code to your website header. Automated seo websites

There are several options to add the JS Snippet to your website code.

Adding the JS snippet to the website Theme Header (header.php)

Adding the JS code manually to the Theme Header (header.php) section in your websites CMS can be done in several ways… however it is recommended to add it just before the end of the <head> section, using the child theme to prevent lose of any data in case of a theme upgrade.

Adding JS to Them Header

Adding the JS snippet to the Theme Options – Custom code.

Most modern CMS Themes offer the ability to add custom CSS, Analytics and code to the Head of your website using the Them Options. The advantage of using the Theme options is that its relatively simple and it will not be effected/lost in case of Them upgrade.

Adding the JS snippet using a dedicated CMS Plugin

Most modern CMS’s offers multiple plugin options that allow you to add custom code to your Headers. Simply install one of these plugins and add the Nytro JS Snippet code in the designated Header space. The main benefits of using a plugin over the manual method is that the plugin makes it easy to add the snippet code to the header and remains unaffected in case of Theme change or upgrade. Simply search for similar Plugins in your CMS.

Adding the JS snippet using a Google Tag Manager

The Google Tag Manager (GTM) delivers simple, reliable, easily integrated tag management solutions without editing the website code. The NytroSEO JS snippet can be added to the website using the GTM. This can be done after the GTM code is added to the <head> of the website code.

For further details, please review GTM official website: https://tagmanager.google.com/


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