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Managing your Plan

Yes, you have the flexibility to change plan features whenever you need to, and or/cancle. Managing, upgrading,  downgrading your plan, and/or adding/removing specific addons can be done at any time from within your account dashboard. In case of downgrading a plan/addon, current data and functionality in your account that are not covered in your new plan will be disabled 

Yes, you can register for a free account without needing a credit card. Once you complete the registration process, you will be immediately granted access to our Free Plan 

We offer a fully functional free account, albeit with limited capacity. This free account allows you to optimize a single website with a small number of Webpage pages and Keywords. It does not require a credit card for registration, and provides a great opportunity to operate and experience our system for free on a single, smaller-scale website 

Yes, We offer a 30-day free trial on any of our paid plans. It’s a risk-free opportunity to explore how our system can benefit your SEO strategy. During the trial, you’ll have access to all of the tools and functionalities of the selected Plan, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether our solutions are the right fit for your business needs. Trial on paid plans requires a creditcard. Unless the trial is cancelled, your selected plan  will commence billing at the end of the trial period 

Yes, we do offer annual plans, and they come with discounted rates. Opting for an annual plan can provide a more cost-effective solution compared to monthly billing, making it an excellent choice for those looking for long-term SEO strategies and services

All our prices are charged in US Dollars (US$). Standard credit card fees will be applied to transactions. This pricing structure ensures clarity and consistency for our global customer base, making it easier to understand and manage expenses. If you have special currency requirements, please contact support 

We offer multi-channel customer support to ensure that you can reach us at any time and through a medium that is convenient for you. Our support channels include live chat, for immediate assistance, online support ticketing, the option to set up an online meeting for personalized onboarding and support, access to our knowledge base & tutorials for self-help resources,. This range of support options is designed to provide you with assistance whenever and however you need it

Understanding price plan’s elements

Keywords optimization dynamic promotion refers to the number of keyword search terms that you can add and/or mark for optimizing your meta-tags. This number can be applied to a specific website or across your entire account if you opt for the “Flexible” option. These keywords enhance your website’s SEO by creating meta-tags that include highly relevant and optimized target Keywords. All Keywords Optimization are also SERP Monitored and are used within the Dynamic AI technology.

“Keywords SERP Monitoring” refers to the number of keywords you can monitor on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. This number is set for a specific website or across your account if the “Flexible” option is enabled. This feature helps you track your search engine rank positions for each of the keywords, for up to 3 search engines, depending on the selected plan. Our SERP Monitoring is designed to provide you with the overall performance trends of a specific Keyword search term over time. This feature has a unique implementation and is part of our dynamic AI technology

This term refers to the number of webpages you can optimize by enhancing their code with optimized Meta-Tags for a specific website or across your account using the “Flexible” option

“Website Optimization” indicates the total number of website domains you can add and/or manage under your specific Account/Plan. This feature allows for centralized control and optimization of multiple websites within one account 

The “Hybrid Mode” allows you to optimize webpages using either keywords, or information from the specific webpages (e.g. H1 tags), or both. This versatile approach provides a more comprehensive SEO strategy and can optimize a large number of webpages, without any keywords or with a limited number of keyword search terms 

This feature indicates the number of search engines, and regions (e.g. google.com, google.co.uk, and Yahoo.com)  for which you can monitor each keyword’s SERP on a specific website or account. Basic plans allow monitoring on 1 search engine, while more advanced plans extend this to up to 3 search engines, enhancing your historical keyword performance insights 

“Processing Runs” indicates how often you can refresh processing, optimization, and analysis per website each month. Basic plans offer this service once a month, whereas advanced plans provide up to four times a month (e.g., weekly), enabling more frequent updates and optimizations 

This term refers to the duration (in months) for which your account’s historical ranking data is retained and displayed. Basic Plans provide 12 months of data storage, whereas more enhanced packages offer up to 24 months, allowing for more extensive performance analysis over time 

This flexibility feature means you can distribute your Keywords Optimization quota across your entire account, without website-specific restrictions. For example, if your plan includes 500 Keywords Optimization with a limit of 20 per website, you have the freedom to use all 500 across multiple sites or concentrate them on a single site, according to your needs. This maximizes your SEO efforts and offers enhanced flexibility 

This flexibility feature provides you the ability to apply your webpage optimization quota across all websites in your account, without individual site limitations. For example, if your plan includes 5000 webpage optimizations with a cap of 500 per site, you can choose to use all 5000 on one site or distribute them across multiple sites, maximizing your SEO efforts and offering enhanced flexibility 

“Unlimited Websites Optimization” means that there is no cap on the number of websites you can optimize using our services within your plan. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses managing multiple websites or digital marketing agencies handling a diverse portfolio of clients. It allows you to apply our SEO tools and strategies to an unlimited number of websites (up to the cap of your plans pages), ensuring each one can be optimized for search engine performance without worrying about exceeding a limit. This unlimited access empowers you to expand your online presence and enhance the SEO performance of as many websites as you need